Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Will Explain A Lot

She gave an Oscar Party and made me put on a dress.
She wanted it to be fun. I think a picture tells a thousand words.
Love you Mamala
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  1. Tomorrow when you wake up and see are going to want to delete it--but we will have all saved it for future bribery. We will hold your plants hostage. Now you rest of cause you got a day of humiliations ahead---roflmbo.

    Always have someone take your computer keys if you are going to be drinking---it's much safer for all of us on the cyber highway--lol.

  2. So is this you?

    Who won the Oscars? Do you remember?

  3. How funny....Hi Mommy!
    Please don't hurt your eldest for this...she is my bestest friend.

  4. Boy are you going to be in trouble if that's your mother. I hope your don't get hurt. LOL.~~Dee

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  6. It's tomorrow and I still think that picture of my mom is way to funny. Believe it or not she only had one glass of wine. I did not post the picture of sil #3's underoos. This party was fun.