Sunday, November 9, 2008

White Catterpillar

I found this frittilary caterpillar on the passion vine today. It can only be a frittilary, but it looks like an albino. So far I have not been able to find out any information about this. I am trying to find a local lepidopterous society. Maybe they know something about this.

Here it is again. I looks like it is in one of the later enstars. I wonder what the butterfly will look like. Maybe I should take it and put it in a caterpillar habitat and see what happens. Maybe I shouldn't . I need more information.

Here is another frittilary. It has lavender instead of black stripes. The web search for this variation says it does happen more frequently in Texas.

Here is another. Looks like it is getting ready to make a cocoon as it is in the upside down J position. I hope we stay warm enough to let them complete the transformation.

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  1. Really cool! You are so lucky to have that many in your garden right now. Awesome!


  2. Hi Debbi, how exciting! I hope the weather allows these guys to become all they can be!

  3. Well, you're sure more knowledgeable about these things than I am. I'm going to have to start reading up so I don't feel stupid!

  4. thanks cindy. I love watching them eat my precious plants.

    Me too, Frances, me too.

    Brenda, One of my sisters took a butterfly gardening course. Sort of like your nature habitat designation, she has butterfly habitat designation. She got me into it. There is lots of good information out there on butterfly gardening. And btw, I think you are quite bright and full of good information.

  5. Wow, we can really tell that your weather is MUCH warmer than ours. I'm excited to see what they look like too. I keep eyeing up those butterfly habitats thinking about buying them but so far I figure I don't know how to care for butterflies so they'd be better off outside under God's care!

  6. cinj, I just read up on it. we loved raising swallowtails in the nursery. I really do think they should be left alone outside without my involvement just my observations.

  7. Looks like they have plenty of food to munch on until they do their metamorphis! They are an interesting color, hope to see photos when they change.

  8. Racquel, I brought the white one inside. The lepodopterists society dude said it was most likely and albino.