Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daffodil Question

Last year my mom's lawn guy mowed down all her daffodils before they bloomed. Someone told her that they will never bloom again. I think they will. Her Ice Follies are blooming and I am pretty sure they were mowed too. Hopefully, the others are just later blooming varieties. She is not sure what they are. My Minnows and Nancy's Little Sweety are already in bloom but none ot the others are(Erlicher, Geranium, Texas Star). What do ya'll think?

Ya'll should check back tomorrow when I tell the story of something really funny that happened because of a Texas Star Hibiscus. There will be more law enforcement.


  1. actually driving WITHOUT your license against the law?

    I thought at least you had one...and they'll give you a couple of days to show it... I think..

    I just recently had EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE LICENSE left in my office.. uh.. yep... safety check 200 yards from my house... oh.. my... [I got a warning...]
    :-) Beth

  2. I really think they will bloom. Daffs are tough little plants. They love drought and heat and cold.~~Dee

  3. I think they'll bloom again, but some fertilizer this year when foliage is growing will help. The bulbs need the foliage to die back naturally, as this is what "feeds" them for next year's show. That's why you should never cut off the folige until it's good and dead. Like Dee said, they're tough.

  4. I just mom doesn't give up and let them mow them.