Saturday, November 10, 2007

House keeping

I use natural products to clean our home. I have asthma and strong chemical cleaners really make me sick. We use orange oil and baking soda in kitchen and bathroom the combination will take soap scum right off. I use white vinegar to clean windows and mirrors. We got rid of the carpets and put in wood floors that are much easier to keep clean just sweap and mop and they are completely clean. I cant prove it, but since we started using the orange oil, I have seen fewer bugs. We had some grease stains of a few of our shirts. I did a little research and found a site that suggested corn starch. I put some on the stain while the shirt was dry, let it sit for a while, shook it out and washed the shirt again. The stains came out. I am trying it on a motor oil stain on one of dh's shirts, dont know if it will work yet.