Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot Compost and a Rainstorm

Hip-hip-hooray. My compost pile heated up to 120. I was hoping for 140, but I can live with 120. It is working and should make good compost in three weeks. I know I should let this go and just live with a cold pile, but the competitive streak in me is strong almost as strong as the stubborn streak. I want to dominate the compost pile. I want the compost pile to yield to my will. I want the compost pile to obey me. Pretty sure a bunch of microbes could care less what Aunt Debbi wants.

We had rain today. Unfortunately, we did not get the rain barrel installed, maybe next time. It felt so good outside. The temp dropped into the 70's from the 90's. There was a little thunder and lightening, but nothing major. It was a nice rainstorm, unlike those that have been drowning other parts of the country.