Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stupid Garden Center

Remember this morning when I was all excited about planning my fall garden. I even got out my handy dandy KCMG horticultural calendar and looked up what should be planted this month. The list included broccoli and cabbage among other things. I already have seeds for most of my fall plants. I also thought that this would be a good time to start some snap dragons and violas. With my nice list in hand, I go to the local nursery. I found no seeds and no vegetable bedding plants. All he had were mums and crotons. So here I go across the road to, horror of all horrors, a big box store. Not only had they gotten rid of all the seeds and had no veggies, but the rest of the plants were being allowed to die a slow horrible death without water. Why do some plant retailers think there is only one season of gardening? Our master gardener group spends hours sharing knowledge about gardening in our county only to have the poor gardeners go out and find not a single fall plant available when it is time to plant, or worse things that are not suitable for our zone. Fall is really the easiest time to garden here in north Texas. The weather is warm but not blistering or cool but not freezing. There is generally enough rain and if supplemental water has to be added it does not evaporate within minutes. The pest problems are minimal and the weather is much more comfortable for the gardener. I can even overwinter somethings like carrots, garlic, and onions. What gives with the retailers? Stupid garden centers.

Planning My Fall Garden

It is early Saturday morning and my family is asleep. I am all alone. This never happens. Shhh....don't wake them. I am not used to being alone and it turns out I am bored.

Boredom combined with nice cool weather has led me to begin planning my fall garden. A quick look at the seed stash revealed sugar snap peas, Swiss chard, lettuce, scarlet Nantes carrots, edamame, collards, pole beans, and broccoli raab. I will need to buy broccoli and cabbage plants. Hopefully, the nurseries have them already. I know I am really bored and I know I am going to regret this, but I am going to plant a sweet potato. I have just enough time to get it in the ground and maybe get some tubers. The morning glories are going crazy so certainly now would be a good time to plant their relative. Maybe I should put it in a container?

Oops, they woke up. Gotta go.