Friday, June 13, 2008

More Toad Drama

As if last nights toad incident was not enough, tonight two of the monkeys rush in and shout, "Guess what K caught?" Then Baby Monkey shoves a Mason jar with a big ole toad in it right into my face. I scream, "GET THAT OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!" "But, we want to keep him." Me, "No, NO REPTILES OR AMPHIBIANS IN THE HOUSE EVER. " "Okay, we will put him in your water garden, " they reply. "DO NOT BUT THAT CREATURE IN MY WATER GARDEN. IT WILL EAT MY FISH OR MAKE A MESS OR SCARE ME." I hollered while melting down. Manly Man intervened and I am safe.
Oh, BTW, I found a worse bug story.
One more thing. Somebody out there in the blogosphere wound up here through google looking for this.
Sitting on an ant pile.
I can't recall ever doing that. Double Danger has a whole bunch of advise on keeping this from happening to our backsides.
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