Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Don't Live in Texas for This

I have tried not to complain. I really have. Well, I've been complaining nonstop on Facebook and Twitter, but I spared y'all because, well I just respect you a little more. However, I have had enough. This winter is killing me. I cannot remember a winter ever that has been as cold as this winter. We have had multiple freezes. The potted plants have been inside more than outside. This makes the Monkeys happy because they do not have to transport plants as often. Tomorrow it is supposed to get down lower than it has been since 1997. Ironically, that is the year I married Manly.

Here are a couple of real problems. The lemon tree is in full bloom, but has no pollinators in my kitchen and I do not know how low the temperatures have to get before broccoli and cabbage die. I've never had to consider these things. The broccoli and cabbage are on their own, but that lemon tree is another issue all together.

I asked twitter last night if I should hand pollinate the lemon or not. The answer was yes. At that point the conversation got kind of dirty. I'll spare you. After I suggested ripping off the stamen to pollinate the blooms. Someone gently suggested I use a paint brush. Well, I couldn't find a paint brush so I used one of my extra special make-up brushes. The lemon tree apparently did not like being molested by a make-up brush as it has dropped a lot of blooms.

We will just have to wait and see if we get anymore lemon babies after all of that.

Stay warm y'all.