Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Baby Pictures

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Here are pictures of the tomato babies I picked for my garden. They were taken from the nine cell packs and repotted into 4" pots. Next to them are two plants I bought from the hardware store. They are Russian Black Krim and Old German. I have never grown Old German before. The tomato babies include two that are new for me - Avivvi and Ladino di Panacchio. They are from the seed exchange hosted by Monica over at Faerie Garden. Now all I need are two Celebrities, a cherry, Green Zebra, and Yellow Pear.

A note on the container greenhouses. They work fantastic. No plants have burned. The Russian Black Krim and Old German were transplanted from 4" pots to 6" pots and placed directly in the larger container on February 24th. The Russian Black already has buds.

Here is the list.
Early Girl
Better Boy
San Marzano
Ladino di Panacchio
Old German
Black Krim
Yellow Pear (if I can find it)
Green Zebra (if I can find it)

I have a 27 foot row of raised bed for these plants. If I plant 24 inches apart they will all fit. It will be my wall of tomatoes.

Which tomatoes are you planning on growing this year?