Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Days 7 & 8

The month of gardening marches on. Worked out there yesterday and today again a little more than an hour each time. The pathways are almost completely weeded and neat. Only one more section needs my attention . Just so you know, Oklahoma sandstone is heavy and sort of sinks into garden soil and doesn't like to be pried up. I am absolutely sure those flagstones were fighting against me.

Tonight I used the leaf blower and cleaned off the deck and the garden paths. What a huge difference that made. I should do it every week. We should declare Tuesday "Leaf Blower Day." No?

The warm weather plants are doing great. The peppers are beginning to ripen. We will never eat all of those hot peppers, so I need to find someone to take most of them off my hands. Anybody? All twelve tomato plants have fruit on them. Hopefully they will get big enough to ripen in the kitchen after the first freeze, otherwise, I'm going to need some more green tomato recipes.

The difference in the garden in just over a week is wonderful. I am almost ready to for someone to ask to see it. Usually, I find myself apologizing and making excuses for all of the work that needs to be done. If someone were to come to the garden gate tomorrow and ask to look around, I would be happy to show them and, of course, sneak some peppers into their pockets.