Friday, January 30, 2009

French Hollyhock


Because I am crazy a really good garden blogger friend. I went out into the dark and took this picture of my French hollyhock for Brenda to compare to her hollyhock. I know, I know, I have linked to her twice today. I am not a blog stalker, seriously. We won't know if we have the same thing until hers blooms. Can't wait to see what it is.

Ignore the orange under the hollyhock. We will remain calm and not question the actions of Monkeys. We do not need to know why there is an orange outside on the ground. There should only be one meltdown a week and I had mine yesterday.

Here is a picture of a French hollyhock from last summer.
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Plant facts - French hollyhock or Malva sylvestris "Zebrina" In my zone (8a) it is a biennial. It grows to about four feet and is covered with those pretty striped flowers. It reseeds like crazy, but is easy to transplant and thin. We will have plenty to share at the spring seminar plant sale.

The Birds are Back

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I was getting really worried. Brenda and Linda both had birds at their places. We live in the same region and no birds were coming to my garden. There was even homemade suet, but nobody showed up for dinner. Today, they came in mass. I don't know what these little birds are, but they are cute, aren't they? I saw a male and female cardinal, but they flew off while I was getting the camera. Forgive the quality of the photo. I have a good excuse this time. The picture was shot through a glass door. If I had opened it, they all would have flown away.

This winter, with your help, I hope to learn what types are birds are visiting my garden. Be encouraged to school me on my birds just like y'all did when the Carolina wren flew into my mother's living room.

What birds do you have visiting?