Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ranting and Raving about Stupid Self Important People

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This is what we have been dealing with for two weeks. This is the street next to our house. These are the parents who cannot read the sign. They are so important they cannot get in line with the rest of the parents to pick up their children. They are so privileged that they think they are allowed to endanger the lives of all of the children who walk home from school. They also do not think that stop signs and cross walks apply to them. Oh and that speed limit, well that is for everyone else. Last week one of these very important people almost ran over Middle Monkey. Today one of them almost hit Baby Monkey. The school does not feel they should enforce the pick up and drop off policy and the police are too busy writing tickets up on the highway to spend fifteen minutes in the afternoon to make sure the children get home safely. I am sure all of that money they make from writing tickets is way more important that the lives of children after all. While I was taking these pictures, a lady parked totally illegally rolled down her window and asked if I didn't have something better to do. Well, no I don't have something better to do than try to insure that my children make it home from school alive. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. The picture only shows one car. There were at least ten lined up in the do not load zone and wrapped around to in front of our home. One creep actually parked in our driveway. Don't ever buy a house next to a school. Seriously