Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I Will No Longer Work With My Husband

I know I have mentioned it before, but I love my work. I love my clients, I love the dirt, and I love the flowers. I enjoy myself way to much.

Today I took my husband to work with me. I thought he would enjoy working on this brick patio rehab project. He loved making our deck. He was awesome at putting in hardwood floors for me. He even took a wall out last year. I almost lost my mind, but it turned out really nice. He can fix anything; hot water heater, leaky faucet, my truck, his 36-year-old VW Bug, clogged pipes, etc...

This is really a great guy. Last week our elderly neighbor's home was burglarized. He installed motion sensing lights and rekeyed all of her locks. He even rehung a door for her so it would open and close properly. Then he came home and installed better locks on our garage and motion sensing lights for us as well. He remodeled his grandmother's home so she could use her walker more easily. If you need help, he's your man.

Anyway, we go get the brick and sand and head out to my customer's house. He looked a the brick patio and asked me, "How much are you charging for this?" I told him. He says, "That's not enough." I explain that if I run over budget the customer will understand. I just have to keep good records.

He started to pull up brick. Then he started to tell me what an awful job this was going to be. Then he wandered over and started digging up grass in the area where we are going to extend the patio. Then he told me how hard digging grass was. Then he took a break. He came back and tore the rotted wood off two old planters and hurled them into the lawn. It was now obvious how frustrated he had become. Mean while, I concentrated on getting the dirt out of the two huge planters so we could remove them. He looks at me about 45 minutes into our day and says, "Why are you happy?" Me, "Hey, dude, I love my job."

On our way home he asked,"Would you have gotten more done with Meme or Crystal?" I didn't answer. He says, "You're being pretty quiet." I begin to explained that some jobs are more suited to certain personalities and we all need to seek our bliss, blah, blah blah - sunshine and kitty cats. He says, "Go ahead and say it. I can take it."


He did the happy dance right there in the truck.