Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Bag, Nicknames, Cheap Wine, Nice Glass, Seeds

I figured naming one more blog post random was getting a little redundant thus the crazy title.
Here is the bag that I won over at Anna's blog Flower Garden Girl. That I actually won something is so stunning to me that I might take it as a sign my luck is changing.

I would like to call Anna - Anna Banana as a term of endearment, but she may have had bad childhood experiences with that and might not appreciate it. I will now share - as a painfully tiny, thin child I was dubbed Debbi Spaghetti and I never have gotten over it. Seriously, be nice. I trust you with my inner secrets.

The point of the wine? Linda asked if my poison ivy remedy was putting the alcohol on the rash or drinking it. The answer is - Yes. Really, all I am after is that blue bottle. Can't you just see my lovely blue bottle tree. Hope Manly doesn't read this. He hates bottle trees.

Why does cheap wine taste so much better in an expensive glass?

Now I have to make something right. Remember that post where I promised seeds. They are still on the way. I have a really good reason why I have not mailed them yet. Well, really, two good reasons. I wanted to send some lettuce and blanket flower seeds, and they are not quite ready yet. I have added a surprise to try to make up for the delay. Soon, my patient gardening friends, very soon. Posted by Picasa

Missed a Spot

So Technu Soap is from heaven, but it only works if you get it exactly where the poison ivy touches you. Well, I missed a spot. On the inside of my left elbow is a red, raised, itchy rash. Now what? My home remedy is 1/2 cup alcohol, 2 aspirin, and 2 table spoons Vick's Vapor Rub. Mix them together and apply to rashy spot every you have the urge to scratch. Over a period of time it dries out the poison ivy and it cools down the itch quite nicely.

Do you have a poison ivy remedy?