Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gardening Computer Game

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My lovely sister bought me this computer game for Christmas. I thought it was cute and that I would enjoy it. Well, hell, the stupid thing is crack to plant addicts. I loaded it up last night and started growing plants. When you turn of the game, the plants keep growing, or not. When I loaded it this morning, my plants were dead because they didn't have enough water and they were infested with bugs. So I used most of my money on bug spray for dead plants. Then I had to buy new seeds, because I didn't save my seeds. Down to $35 I spent all day rebuilding my nursery and saving money. I know have over $200 again and healthy plants. There is a silver lining to this new obsession, you have to give the plants time to grow. After each planting, pruning, pollinating, and selling session, there is a period of time where nothing is going on. This produces time with nothing to do on the computer. I cleaned house, gave my potted plants worm castings, and potted up five snap dragons. I acheived more in my house and yard today than I have in the past week. Now, I just wish the internet had a time out feature or I had the self control to stay off of it.

I am probably going to love this game during the cold nasty days when I cannot actually garden.