Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trying To Fit Gardening Into My Schedule

I really feel the need to garden right now. My body wants it and my soul needs it. The only plant care going on around here for the last few weeks has been moving plants in and out of the house and watering the winter garden. Gardening activity is absolutely necessary and soon please. But dang-it, check out next weeks schedule.

Sunday 38 degree high, must go shopping for the last three gifts.
Monday 41 degree high and have to work in the afternoon
Tuesday 54 degree high, but this is the last day Baby Sister is going to be here from Albuquerque.
Wednesday 64 degree high, but have to work in the afternoon
Thursday Christmas..falalalala...
Friday 66 degree high, but it might rain. If it doesn't rain, I will garden.
Saturday 66 degree high. Wait...wait... I don't see any other obligations or bad weather predictions. Yipeee...I am going to garden like a crazy woman.
Sunday 58 degree high, but I bet I will be recovering from Saturday.

In addition to the above responsibilities I will assume that the Monkeys will want food, clean clothes, and parenting. Oh dear.

How are you fitting in your gardening fix?