Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I am a gardener and I work at the library, which set of books do you think I would make a pet project? Well, you guessed wrong. We have a true crime section that was a total mess. Most of the books need editing in the computer and new labels. They are also pretty dirty. I have been working on these books for about three weeks. I am about half way through the set of them. They are really really hard to clean. We were using something called Goo Gone. Today I finally got fed up with that product, took a break, came home and fetched my orange oil. It worked like a charm. I clean more books today than I have in the whole time I've worked there. Everybody needs to try orange oil.

Another thing you have to do when working within a group of books like this is weed out the damaged books. So I deleted about six books from the collection this week. My coworker suggested I do some research and replace those old torn up books with newer true crimes books. So now I am researching serial killers. I have a folder that is labeled Deb's Murderers with names of criminals and books about them in a nice long list. So I get to suggest books for the darkest set of materials we have in the library. Yippee.

Which books would you work with if you couldn't work in the garden section?