Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thanks Nola

Well would you look at that. Nola at Alamo North gave me that nice little bloggy gift. The "You Are My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" award. I found it just after I posted about the Blotanical awards. Thanks Nola, I love it.

Now my understanding is that all you do is pass it on to five other bloggers with no other strings attached. Again, this is hard because I really like a lot of bloggers. Here are five that always make me smile.

My nephew Jack at Just Jack. He is the cure to sad.

PGL at Perennial Garden Lover Her comments are always sweet.

Flower garden girl at Woody and Herbaceous. I was glad when she returned to our blogging community. Her creations with flowers are beautiful.

Cindy at Rose Haven Cottage A sweet talented girl.

Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings who I consider my blogging mentor.

There are so many more who deserve this. I am still lovin on the rest of y'all too.


2008 Blotanical Awards

I spent a little time trying to make my selections for nominees for the 2008 Blotanical Awards. Blotanical is a site that has hundreds of members who blog about gardening. I have put the little award badge over there on my side bar. This is about as political as I will ever get on this blog. Saying that, picking my favorite blogs on Blotanical to nominate is HARD. There are so many gardening blogs I love to read. Then there are a few categories, such as African blogs, that I don't know a thing about. More research is needed. Unfortunately, this post will not likely feed in to Blotanical any time soon because of a technical difficulties. Anyway, if you visit here and are also a Blotanical member, isn't this fun?