Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was not going to do this, but on further thought, it seems important.

My youngest was taking a reading course this summer. It is not exactly summer school. In summer school, I assume there is a goal. In summer reading camp, we all stay the same and don't get dumber. Sorry, I am a little unhappy with summer reading camp.

This morning, was the last day of "Summer Reading Camp." I was folding laundry and putting away dishes while I waited for the boy to walk home. The school is right across the street from our home. I can see the front door from my back deck.

We have a German shepherd dog. You may know Abby. If not, don't get in our yard or she will eat you. I hear her go crazy at about 11:45 am and go to check it out.

We have a solar blocking flim on some of our windows. The windows outside my kitchen are treated this way. During the day, we can see out, but you cannot see in.

As I look outside, with the door closed, I see an young white male. He is clean cut, wearing slacks and a white shirt. Next to him is my nine-year-old son. I have never seen this man in my life. I will the German shepherd to jump over the fence and eat the stranger. The dog does not do her job because the boy is friendly to the stanger.

It turns out this is a teacher at our school. When I opened the door he did not introduce himself. He said something to the effect of, "teacherschoolrainbarrel." Apparently, he talked my youngest son into showing him our new rain barrel.

We live in a little town. DO NOT EVER LET YOUR GAURD DOWN. I don't know this man and he crossed the line. Why didn't he knock on the door. Why didn't he introduce himself. What the hell was he doing on my deck. My kids are overprotected and need to have a lesson in stranger danger.


A New Low: I Have Resorted to Sprinklers

It is hot. Very very hot. There has been no rain. I put in a rain barrel and the rain stopped the next day.

We have broken all of the watering rules. Do not water at midday: Had to, the plants were keeling over. Water deep not shallow: Did not have enough time, somebody needed to go to a soccer game. Mulch to retain moisture: I can't find time to do the dishes and laundry much less spread more mulch.

I love to water my garden by hand. Today I gave up. I set up the sprinkler, set the timer, and went back inside to finish some insane quilt project I committed to back in January.

Would someone like to come babysit the Monkey's so I can try to catch up?

Cricket chirps!!!!!!!!