Sunday, October 12, 2008

Additional Sock Issues

Things have gotten a little messy around here. The kitchen need cleaning and organizing. A bunch of papers need to be recycled. My desk looks like a bomb went off on it. The laundry is clean, but needs to be folded and hung up. Finally, the truck is full of monkey paraphernalia. Instead of making myself crazy, I decided just to work on it for a couple of hours and get done what I can get done. No blogging, oops, here I am blogging, but this is important.

Like I said, the truck is full of monkey junk and we do have someplace to go this afternoon. I think I will actually get the truck cleaned out. It is full of shoes. Why oh why do my children take their shoes off everywhere? There are also lots of papers; papers from school, papers from master gardeners, unexplained papers. Finally, there are all kinds of gardening supplies; compost screen, fiber edge, a cobra head tool, a couple of pairs of pruners, and a bag of potting mix. So this is a big job.

I started with the front seat and pulled out a pair of monkey sneakers and a pair of socks. Wait, these are my socks. They have pink heals and toes. I don't remember taking my socks off in the truck.......HEY WHO HAS BEEN WEARING MY SOCKS. THESE ARE GIRL SOCKS NOT BOY SOCKS. KEEP YOUR STINKY MONKEY FEET OUT OF MY SOCKS.

Seriously, somebody help me. Please come help me.