Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Ridiculously Big Plant

It figures I would play my own game first. Middle Monkey here again with Abby and a giant Pampas grass at our neighbors house. I cheated and shamelessly copied Weed Wackin Wenches photo. Their's is way bigger and they didn't pose a ten-year-old boy in front of it. Anyway, do you think the scale may be a little off? Sort of looks like the grass is trying to eat the house.
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If You Show Me Yours' , I'll Show You Mine

Here are a few pictures of Middle Monkey, one of his hibiscus blooms, and a couple of bunnies. The other bunny had dirty feet and a squirmy attitude. The brown bunny is fat boy. He has grown too big to hold in the palms of our hands.
No, my child does not have a tiny head. Those flowers are really that big. We thought it would be fun to see other big flowers and plants and pets. Even better, pictures of big plants and pets. To start us off here is Weed Wackin Wenches with Diva Dog and a giant Papas grass. I will be looking for your big blooms, big plants, and cute critters. If you feel like showing me yours instead of making me look for it. Leave me a comment. To repeat, we are looking for big flowers, big plants, and cute critters. Feel free to cheat with photo shop or trick angles.
Player #1 Cinj has what looks like a spider eating something
Player#2 Jack with a dinosaur
Player#3 Jack again as monster baby
Player#4 My Sister with her hydrangeas and daylilies
Player#5 Brenda with Abigail in the garden
Player#6 Tomato Casual showing the everything is not bigger in Texas. But the wenches already proved this.
Player#7 Kathleen with Hollyhock munchers.
Player#8 Silence Dogood has tamed a tiger
Player#9 Sherry love is in the air over at her blog
Player#10 Double Danger has a giant agave
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