Saturday, May 2, 2009

Purple and Orange

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Like most gardeners and quilters, there are colors I am drawn to and colors I shy away from. Purple, pink, yellow, blue, and green are my flower, plant and fabric favorites. I do have some red, but not too much. I avoid orange. I just don't care for it. Well I didn't until today. There it is, a color triad of purple, orange and green. The nasturtium were started from seed. Luck would have it that all of them in the container are orange. The large pot has a variegated ginger plant along with the nasturtium. The orange higher up in the back is a dwarf pomegranate tree in bloom. Of course, the purple blooms are petunias. The confederate jasmine on the fence is in full bloom and the place smells like heaven.

Now I have a new color combination I will use again. Blues are still my favorite, but I won't run away from orange anymore. If you look closely at the picture you will see yet another broken pot. I just can't help myself.

What is your favorite color combination?