Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Garden Challenge Day 1

I have about a month before our average first freeze here in North Texas. We never really get the frozen earth that happens in colder areas, just a freeze that kills tender plants. This means I have about thirty days to get the most out of my tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, warm weather beans and okra. Well, the okra has pretty much given up the ghost, but I still have a little hope for it.

This is also the time of year that I have to get my winter garden planted. I already have well established cabbage, broccoli, collard, mustard and lettuce plants. These plants generally survive our gentle freezes. Today I planted radishes, beets and nasturtium. I still have to plant garlic, onions, Swiss chard and kale.

Since my good gardening weather is coming to a close, I am going to challenge myself to work in the garden an hour a day for the next thirty days. Look for a daily post, I am going to keep myself accountable.

Today was day 1.
Planted beets, radishes and nasturtium
Screened and spread compost
Built up a new compost pile
Got really dirty feet.

See you tomorrow.