Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starting the Fall Garden

My summer garden essentially burned up. I put in the spring garden late again because I cannot seem to make myself pull up the winter veggies when they are not quite done yet. After more than thirty years as a gardener, you would think I would be made of tougher stuff. I still have way to much hope for half producing plants. Maybe this year, I will get over myself.

There are a few corn plants still alive, but the only thriving plants are the peppers, okra, black eyed peas and yard long beans. I started a few tomato plants from seed about three weeks ago. Many of the seedlings were killed off by the 100+ weather and extreme sunlight on our deck. There are four Ladino di Panacchio, one Avivvi and one Mr Stripey still among the living. There are a few stragling survivor tomatoes in the garden. I will clean them up, give them compost and mulch. If they live great.

Today, I am going to start tomato seeds again. I have packets of Avivvi, San Marzano, yellow pear and Ladino di Panacchio. I am going to place the flats in full shade, shift them to morning sun and gradually move them to full sun as they get bigger and stronger. On September 1st, I will put them in the garden and try again. These are going to be the most spoiled tomato plants in the history of Aunt Debbi's Garden. They are going to be diva tomatoes. They will be fed a special diet of worm poo and fish water. Come November, I should be begging for green tomato recipes again. Get ready.