Monday, April 5, 2010

Lady Bug Love

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Apparently, a little bit ago, there was a lot of Lady Bug Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow going on around here because my garden is covered up in lady bug larva. This is a very very good thing. Those little suckers and eat tons of aphids. The aphids appear to be primarily on my radishes.

And there are a lot of radishes. Middle Monkey planted three large Renee's Garden seed packets of radishes while I was day dreaming as he did all the work busy working on another plot. The other plant that is taking over my garden is mustard greens. Someone gave me seeds that were labeled collards. Well they are certainly not collards, they are mustard. If you have ever grown mustard, you know that a little bit of seed goes a loooong way. Well I threw mustard seeds all over the place and now I think I need someone to come over and help me bale it. There is also a mess of self-seeded parsley.

I am currently on the look out for vegetable victims. Those would be persons who unwittingly agree to take some of this produce off of my hands. So far the other library ladies have been good sports and really love mustard. Today they are getting mustard and radishes. Tomorrow - mustard, radishes and parsley. When they start shunning me I will know my vegetables and I have worn out our welcome.

Seriously though, when the produce overruns us, I will find a local food bank and donate the extra. I would just love to hear that you will be doing the same thing.