Friday, March 7, 2008

Gardening Super Power

I want to know what gardening super power you would give yourself. There is a poll right over there on the left. The options are weather control, dead plant reanimation, garden tool wolverine, and laser eyeball weed burning. I only had room for four options. If you have something else, leave me a comment. If you think this is just silly, your right, it is just silly. I love the word Silly. Let us say it over and over again. Silly, silly, silly, silly, silly.

Baby Monkey's First Snow

Here is my horrible photo documentation of real snow in our yard. This is baby monkey's first snow, at least the first snow he will remember. It is also the first snow for Abby, Internet Police Dog. You can catch a glimpse of her dashing around the place in two of the pictures. The roads are not frozen, so we can drive. School is delayed two hours so the kids can play. We might not get this chance again for years. Gotta go -Manly Man has made beacon, eggs, and biscuits for breakfast.
How's your weather?
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