Monday, February 18, 2008

I was just wondering?

Has anyone else ever found an eight year-old asleep in your coat closet?

Late Winter Gardening Day

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and cool with just a little breeze. Here is what I managed to accomplish in the garden.
1. Potted up the Duchess de Brabrant (rose bush) cuttings that had taken root. 10 out of 14 rooted.
2. Sat in the garden and weeded hen bit and chick weed.
3. Tore apart and rebuilt the compost pile layering the old compost with the hen bit and chick weed.
4. Saw that both of my thymes, the lemon verbena, and the spider wort are all coming back. Finally, signs of spring other than daffs.
5. I found a cold not moving geco in an old container. Put it on the grill, did not cook it, the grill was just black and warm from the sun (not on fire) and the little geco warmed right up and ran away.