Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Family Just Got Bigger

This may sound odd, but I know that a family member, who has not been in contact with me very often in my real life, reads this blog about once a week. I think it is an uncle, but I cannot be sure. I wish the mystery person felt okay about commenting.

On that note, I met a long lost cousin today and it was great. We reminisced and had a wonderful visit. I remembered her only as a little blond haired blue eyed girl. I recall wanting her to be at my Mawmaw's house when I went to visit. One time we got in major trouble for going to a creek and finding a snake. We have been out of contact for decades. She grew into a lovely woman and I am glad I overcame my nervousness to reconnect with her today. Families are strange creatures and ours is right up there in the weirdness rankings. I had to remind myself that we were the children when it all fell apart. It is wonderful to let go of the last generation's rancor. It felt like building a bridge back into a part of my family.

Very happy to see you S. Feel free to comment L + mystery uncle.

Thanks you sister#2 for making it all possible. Thank you sister#3 for your support. Thanks to Jack and Eman for your adorable cuteness and ice breaking abilities.