Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everything Was Fine Until the Bomb Squad Showed up.

Our master gardener association is building demonstration gardens at one of the county courthouses. Here is the hole for the bog garden.

Here is the 3000 gallon rainwater harvesting tank that will provide water to the bog garden and other plantings. Underneath the cedar is a giant green plastic tank. Much prettier with the wood trim, don't you think?
Today we had trustees from the county come help us lay some flagstone and return some of the dirt to the bog. We were about half way through laying the flagstone when a secretary came out of the building yelling that we need to evacuate. There had been a bomb threat. We didn't take it too seriously, but we did take a short lunch break. When we returned the bomb squad had showed up with bomb sniffing German shepherds and everything. The courthouse staff was still unable to return to the building. So our work day was cut short. I never considered gardening a life threatening activity until today. Probably just a prank, but still.
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