Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Day at the Outdoor Education Center

I survived and nobody was buried in the bog. Thanks for you support and concern.

The Outdoor Education Center worked like a charm as a classroom. The traffic was easy to manage as the path is an oval traveling the whole distance of the garden and back. The students came in groups of thirty or so. We broke the talk into short explanations of garden plots and plants by me and then a man explained rain water harvesting, our water shed and the mechanics of the gardens. Then I took it back and talked about plants. Then another man talked about rain barrels. Then I talked about plants. finally a man talked about how rain gardens function. Silly boys, don't they know it is all about the plants. I really enjoyed myself. Only one kid asked if we grew pot. Another did not understand the word scented. She thought it was a verb or something. The question was, "How do you scented a plant?" I should have suggested she speak to her English teacher. Otherwise, they were bright kids and well mannered.

Sorry no pictures. I was too busy talking about plants.