Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How I Almost Got Arrested for Growing a Hibiscus

I started growing hardy hibiscus about three or four years ago. These are my favorite plants and also Middle Monkey's. He claims all of our plants as "his". The first plant I purchased was a Texas Star Hibiscus . I grew it in a large container on our deck. It grew to be about six feet tall. Now we live on a corner lot in a small town. If you have never seen the Texas Star Hibiscus click right there. Now you have an idea why our small town police officer pulled over on our side street, rolled down his window and asked, "Mrs. M. what kinda plants are you growing up there?" Seriously, I would not grow marijuana on my open deck for every person in small town Texas to see. I'm goofy, but not that goofy.

PS. He knew me by name for several reasons.
1. I used to have a peeping tom.
2. My kid called 911 and told on me.
3. My Manly Man was on the volunteer fire department with him.
4. We have had bicycles stolen.
5. It's a small town and we are a nosey lot.

Daffodil Question

Last year my mom's lawn guy mowed down all her daffodils before they bloomed. Someone told her that they will never bloom again. I think they will. Her Ice Follies are blooming and I am pretty sure they were mowed too. Hopefully, the others are just later blooming varieties. She is not sure what they are. My Minnows and Nancy's Little Sweety are already in bloom but none ot the others are(Erlicher, Geranium, Texas Star). What do ya'll think?

Ya'll should check back tomorrow when I tell the story of something really funny that happened because of a Texas Star Hibiscus. There will be more law enforcement.

I Would Ask You to Help Me , But He has it Under Control

Okay, it happened before this blogs time but I have to share. I was driving down the road and I get a call on my new awsome Chocolate phone. It is Manly Man. He says, " Where is your license?" I say, "I don't know." He says, "Well the police are here and apparently you left your license on the table and baby monkey called 911 and told on you. You should come home now." Maybe I should have taken the hint and run away, far far away.