Monday, December 8, 2008

Wake Up Call

As I may have mentioned before, our family donates old or outgrown clothes, toys, books, and just about anything else we don't need anymore to a local women's shelter. I also shop in the thrift store for things we need that don't necessarily have to be brand new.

This weekend, my Mom brought by a couple of bags of clothes and linens to donate. I had gone through my summer clothes and pulled out some things to give. Today I took the trip to Kaufman to drop off the bags and look for a replacement backpack for Baby Monkey. He has been dragging his on the ground and rubbed a hole into the bottom of it, big sigh.

On arrival, it seemed a little odd that there were so many people helping sort donations. After dropping our stuff off at the back, I drove around front and parked in the thrift store parking lot. A quick look around revealed no backpacks. Oh well, I can buy new if necessary. There is usually a lot of stuff to choose from. Today, there was very little in the way of children's clothes or toys.

When I went back outside, I noticed it. The parking lot was completely full. All those people helping sort donations were homeless or battered women being taken care of by the center. The shelter was full to capacity. There were no backpacks because so many people need inexpensive things now.

Our little family is so sheltered from what is going on in our country. I was able to find a good, part-time job. Manly Man has a secure, well-paying position. Our marriage is loving and kind. Drug abuse, domestic violence, and poverty are not on our radar. We have plenty of food, shelter, and clothing. An education for my children is taken for granted. We are safe and secure.

I came home and sewed up the hole in Baby Monkey's backpack. Somehow getting a replacement does not seem as important anymore.