Friday, January 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Teapot I bought for myself




We have had a tough week around here. My MIL had a pacemaker placed this morning, a casual friend passed away unexpectedly, and I flooded our bathroom and bedroom.

Then there was the day long phone calls with the school. Baby monkey is having a really hard time learning to read. Dyslexia runs in my family. This school district did not want to do the testing for learning disabilities because they didn't want to "label him". Is that not the most retarded thing you have ever heard. Yes, I "labeled" this school district retarded. I have been asking for this testing since he was in kindergarten. Four years later, I finally got them to agree to the testing. That was four months ago. Anyway, by threatening to come over and camp out in the principles office, I got what I wanted and the testing is complete. We are now waiting on the results.

I took the above pictures to try to recenter myself and say goodbye to this awful week. It was a beautiful day, perfectly sunny with a mild breeze. The light was beautiful. Being in my garden today was reassuring, helping me feel that all of these troubles will pass.

The winter garden is doing well and we are eating lettuce, broccoli, greens, and radishes fresh from the garden. I just harvest what we want to eat each day and let the garden be my refrigerator keeping the rest of our food super fresh. There is no rush to harvest a lot of stuff at once, unlike in the summer garden. You can't just leave a ripe tomato or zucchini out in the garden until you are ready to eat them. As I have mentioned before, my winter garden is easier and more productive than my summer efforts.