Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008 Family Reunion Quilt

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Here it is. I procrastinated worse than ever this year. I let it go so long that I ended up quilting it from 10:00 am Friday until 2:00 am Saturday morning. I slept three hours and then got up to try to finish it in time. At about 9:00 am I called my Mom, which is pitiful. She saved me. We worked on it together for three hours and finished the boarder quilting and binding. My hands are sore and needle pricked. There was only a little blood.

We made it to the family reunion just a little late. Manly Man's family does this every year a weekend or two after Thanksgiving. It is our way of getting the very large family together once a year. The gifts are always exchanged in some sort of game; something like white elephant, musical chairs, or some story telling pass the present on the word "baby" game. Today was musical gifts. The women sat at one long table, men at another. When the music starts pass the gifts to the left until the music stops, everyone fight over who has what for a minute, and accuse each other or peaking, then start the music again. Total chaos, and too much fun. This is done with about fifty to sixty family members. It is a zoo.

This year, I cheated. After the music had been played two or three times I looked up and saw that Manly Man's maternal grandmother had the package with the quilt in it. I whispered to Aunt Linda, who was in charge, "Can we stop the game now?" She realized what I was up to and yelled for everyone to open their gift. The little blue and green quilt will now live with Gege and I am happy. From here on out I don't care who gets it in years to come. I just wanted Gege to have it this time.

Aunt Debbi Becomes a Productive Member of Society

It is about two o'clock in the morning and I am so excited I can't seem to get to sleep. I finally found a job. That's right, in our lousy economy I found a part time job that works with our schedule. Next week I go to work as a library lady. I am not exactly sure what qualified me for this job, but they want me. Maybe that minor in English literature is finally paying off. Go Figure. I wonder what they are going to do with me when they figure out I can't spell.