Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Remember yesterday when I took worms to school. Look what those sweet kiddies did for me. I have a whole stack of handmade thank you cards.
Here are a few excerpts
Dear Ms. M, than you for comeing to tech us about plants I eprech ate it. It was fun. I like to plant seeds- Dawn
Dear Ms. M. thank you for coming my mom haves a Lot or plans to plans are cool and priti I like to smile them. do you I Do- Halo
Dar Ms M. Than you from coming and sharing a boat your plant your so SWEET - JT
Dear Ms. M., thank you for comeing to oour school and teaching us bout plants and woums come again - Patrick
Ms. M. than you for comeing and showing us the soil in the werms the werms wer rilly cool and how did you holde the werm. Ms. M. I have a qushtin for you how did you hold the werm without it herting you -Ivree
Dear Ms. M. thank you for comining to our school to teach us about plants and leting us see the worms. I really liked the worm eggs - Colby
Ms. M. thank you for coming to tell us stuff about plants. My mom loves all kinds of plants and she love to buy them. -Blayne
do you have bunny if you have two can I have one please check yes or no- J.
Thank you Mom for coming to char with us. We like it my class like it. We wot you to come naks week.
I was drawn with short hair, long hair, pig tails, and blue eye shadow. One little boy even drew the worm bin. I feel pretty good about life right now.
Sorry this is all center aligned. Blogger won't let me change it today.
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