Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Other Thing About Banana Chips

Mr. Manly Man did not like my banana chips. Logan got a windfall as he loves them.

The Thing About Banana Chips

I received a food dehydrator for Christmas. My man asked only for banana chips. This week I made them. The thing about banana chips is that as long as they are warm, they are not crisp. I dehydrated those stupid bananas for three days and they were still bendy. I finally gave up this afternoon and unplugged the machine. Behold ten minutes later I had perfect, crisp banana chips. Nobody tells you this kind of stuff and they really, really should. Well I'm telling you all now, though I cannot imagine a situation where anybody who reads my blog would ever be making banana chips. If I know you, and I do, you will wait until I make them for you.

Learning new bloggin tricks

I am trying to learn some of the fun stuff in this bloggin game. Lets see if this takes us to the vote for Kurt post on Lil Sis' blog.
We filled out the paperwork to go to the state Master Gardener Conference in April. I will be attending with four of my mg friends. I am hoping to take classes on kitchen gardening, butterfly gardening, tomatoes, organic gardening, and seed saving from open pollinated vegetable varieties. We are sending the registration in early, as the classes are first come first serve. I'm really excited about the organic gardening class. "Organic" has been a no no word for master gardeners because we are only supposed to give out "researched based information". Hopefully, they will give us "researched based information" on what we have been doing successfully all of our gardening lives.