Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stupid Weed Cloth

One of my customers insists on leaving weed cloth in her flower beds. These beds are huge and they never killed the Bermuda grass roots before putting down the weed cloth, cutting through it, planting, and mulching. So guess what happened - Bermuda grass growing right up through the weed cloth. I can not get it out. This is very frustrating to me as the bed never ever looks like it should. Before she has company or parties, I dump a bunch of mulch on everything to hide the mess. If she would let me pull it out, ninety percent of the weeds would come out with it and then we would have a nice, easy to clean planting area. She insists that the weed cloth stay.

Since she hired me over a year ago, I have added flowerbeds all around the backside of her house. They were so well amended and cleaned out, that she actually enjoys caring for them herself. The beds I made, do not have weed cloth.

I I wonder how much trouble I would get into if I just took out about ten feet of it and showed her how much better it looks after a few weeks. She wouldn't be able to tell until I showed her. Hmmm, the worst she can do is fire me.

I have never ever seen weed cloth work like it is supposed to. Even in well prepared beds, seeds get blown in on top of it, and grow right through the cloth. I believe weed cloth, like pantyhose, are an invention of the devil and should be destroyed. What kind of evil invention would you like eradicated?