Friday, March 14, 2008

It Started Out All Sunshine and Kitty Cats

The day started out with my girls being sweet. It was a beautiful morning. I was going to work as an actual gardener again. Birds were singing.

Then we transplanted huge Lantana. Here is my wonderful new helper. She is not afraid of Lantana or falling or her backside. I got a sunburn.

Then I snuck over to the Monkey's Uncle's house to get rid of the evidence/lantana prunings. I got stuck and therefore got caught.

Here are two monkeys and the Monkeys' Uncle chaining his big truck to my little truck. Monkeys and Monkeys' Uncle are very very useful for this crazy woman. Read the previous post to find out what happened next.
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Then The Cabbage Exploded

If you are coming here from Blotanical read this post first. I had to do this backwards because I could only post four pictures at a time.
Then the Monkey's Uncle's really big truck got stuck too. Now we had to call one of the Monkey's Uncle's old high school buddies to pull us both out. We got out okay, but sil#1 is going to be royally ticked off when she sees her lawn.
When I finally made it home, I went out to the garden to get some good garden mojo. No good gardening mojo was available. Instead, I found that one of my cabbages had exploded. Ever had one of those days? I am going to drink a beer.
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The Votes Are In

The polls is closed. It turns out that of those who voted, 52% would like to scorch their weeds with laser beams shooting from their eyes. Weather control came in 2nd with 21%. Plant resurrection received 17% of the vote. Finally garden tool wolverine made a miserable showing at 8%. Apparently, only two of my readers/victims want sharp tools popping out of their hands. I want to thank everyone who participated in this silliness. This is about as close to politics as you will ever see me get.

Now for a link and a nod.

I would like to say a few words about Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings . She was one of the first garden bloggers who commented on my blog. She also encouraged me to join Blotanical, which has been a blast. She posted about rose pruning yesterday. The article is very very well done. She gave very clear instructions on rose pruning and posted pictures to illustrate. She knows her stuff. Please go over and give her a visit.

Gardening Super Power

There are seven hours left to pick you gardening super power. There are four choices. My personal favorite is weather control. The second choice is garden tool wolverine. Just picture it, you need a trowel and one pops out of your fingers. We would never lose our pruners again. The third option is plant reanimation. With this ability, all of your dead, wilted, dried out plants spring back to luscious life. The final power is laser eyeball weed kill. This is the favorite so far. Apparently, the ability to scorch wayward plants with a glance is appealing to some of us. Anyway, ignore my bad sentence structure and vote for your gardening super power.