Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kit Carver

Costume #2
Kit Carver
Thanks for the idea Anna
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Floats in the Water Garden

One of the reasons I love the Internet and garden bloggers is because of the great inspirations I find for my gardens.
Frances at a Faire Garden posted about the development of her water garden.
I shamelessly stole the idea of using fishing floats in my water garden. They are beautiful, they float, they don't clog up the surface of the water with plant material and I can still see the fish.

First effort with three floats one larger than the others. I think it is too much.

Here it is with just the largest float. I think this is the look I am after. Now I need to get the Curly Whirly Juncus out of that bright orange pot and learn to take better pictures.
Anybody know of any good photography for idiots type books?
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