Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He Still Does Not Want to Know Where Babies Come From

It's still funny. Monkey #2 saw a pregnancy test add on T.V. He can read and understood what it said -PREGNANT. He asked "Why would you people (meaning women) stick that in your belly button?" "Well," I said, "That's not what you do with it, you pee on it." He turned purple and stormed out screaming that we are all CRAZY PEOPLE (still meaning women).

Zones, I'm begging for your zones

Okay, I can see that people are visiting this blog, yet you are not sharing your zone. What is this zone I am obsessing over? Is it a body part? Is it a diet? Is it the no go area in my baby monkey's bedroom? No. The zone I am determined to get out of you is your cold hardiness zone. Go here to see a nice map. Then you can come back to my blog and participate in my nice poll. It's just over there on the right.