Sunday, March 1, 2009

Neat Little Shops in East Dallas

Saturday, I went to an advanced Google class with my coworker, Kathy. Yes, it is worth it to take an advanced Google class.

After the class we had a sandwiches Jimmy's Food Store in east Dallas. This is an Italian food store and deli. The sandwiches were to die for. I had a grilled ham and cheese with habanero sauce. It had an Italian name, but I cannot remember it. Kathy had a muffuletta that was almost as big as her head. She didn't finish hers. I ate all of mine.

Here is Kathy buying some meat and produce from the store. They had great stuff. There were wonderful capers. I love capers. I didn't buy any. There has to be a good excuse to go back. Doesn't Kathy have nice hair?

Here she is down the street outside a little hole in the wall restaurant supply place. They sell Texas grown, processed, and bottled olive oil. Unfortunately, they were out when we visted. The did have some yellow tomatoes. Kathy bought one.

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Here are some great nasturtium outside the shop.

Tomorrow I will tell you what was just down the street from these shops. Can you wait? Do you know already?