Monday, February 16, 2009

Which one is this?


I tried really hard to take an in focus picture, but failed again. This is a little bitty tiny daffodil. I tried to find something on the internet about it, but just come up with other little daffodils slightly larger than this one. Anyone know what it it?
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I started the late winter/early spring weeding and clean up last week. I weeded, fed, mulched, and watered the beds where the the lettuce, carrots, broccoli rhaab, Swiss chard, spinach, leeks, collard greens, and onions are growing. Four beds total. In one bed there is spinach, broccoli rhaab, and one pitiful little Swiss chard. That little chard has been just sitting there looking like a seedling for weeks and weeks. The clean up feeding and mulching was eight days ago. The little Swiss chard is about four times as big as it was last week. Amazing. The collards are also looking much better.

Today, I did the same thing to the garlic bed. The pictures above show the oak leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and endive that volunteered in between the garlic. There are also little grape hyacinths growing in there as well. The weeds are gone, but these volunteers get to stay.

It will only be six weeks before I start planting tomato plants. Doesn't seem possible.

Now I am going back out to weed the cabbages.