Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tomato Trouble

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There appears to be a little crop rotation problem here at Aunt Debbi's garden. The garden is little and everything must take turns. Unfortunately, sometimes one veggie is not done before it is time for another to go into the ground. I end up with some weird companion plants. This year it is lettuce, coriander, collards, and tomatoes. The tomoto plants are big, but have suffered a bit from crowding. Oh yeah, they were also a little poison ivy infested. Technu soap to the rescue once again. (seriously, they need to pay me for advertising).

The pictures above are of the before variety. I have cleaned up a little more than half of my wall of tomatoes. The yellow leaves were removed and partially composted hay has been put down as mulch to keep the soil from splashing up on the leaves during rain and watering. The yellowing may have been caused by a fungus, and we don't want any more of that. There are plenty of little tomatoes. Several of them look like cherries. Weird, I only planted one cherry tomato, or so I thought. Maybe someone switched tags on me. Maybe I am retarded and can't read the tags. Maybe there is a plot against me.

Thanks to Michael Nolan who tweeted me advise on rescuing yellowing tomatoes. (sorry link button is busted).

Have a happy Memorial Day.

Oh yeah, trying to find a bunch of tweeting gardeners to follow. You on twitter?