Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 2 Hour 2

I woke up with a seriously sore back and hamstring muscles due to all the gardening activity yesterday. Did I wimp out? No. I got up, got dressed, put on my gardening shoes and gloves and went right back out there. I did stretch out a little first, which helped a lot.

Today I started in the backside of the garden. This is the area where perennial veggies and herbs grow. Things like asparagus, Mexican mint marigold, chili pequin, comfrey and spider wort. Sounds wild, doesn't it? Those are the good guys. The bad guys are trumpet vines, hack berry suckers and Bermuda grass. Why does Bermuda grass grow in my garden where I don't want it and die in my lawn where I do?

I weeded this area and cut out all the nasties I could see. I spread fresh screened compost and watered the whole thing. I will have to revisit that section tomorrow. An hour was not long enough to completely clean it out. Much better though, much.

I have decided to get rid of a bunch of gardening tools and paraphernalia. I roll of chicken wire, a roll of edging, a short soaker hose and three 1 gallon perennials are being thrown into the back of the truck and taken away to find new homes.

Day 2 Hour 2
1. Weeded
2. Screened compost
3. Spread compost
4. Picked up scattered containers and tools.
5. Planted more nasturtium.