Thursday, October 30, 2008

And Then It Burst Into Flames

You might remember I took a chance and tried to grow popcorn this year. I got corn that sort of popped. My first try scorched in the pot. My second try yielded a few tiny popped kernels, which were not really edible.

Sister#2 is a newbie gardener. She started her popcorn in her nice raised bed garden. She got better popcorn ears than I did. I'm not jealous, really, I'm not. She followed my advise. I should have done the same.

Last week she called me with a corn question, "Is it okay to pick my popcorn now?" The Internet said to let it dry out on the stalk, so that was my answer. I gave this advise with the enthusiasm of a seasoned, experienced popcorn grower instead of admitting she knows as much as I do. She then explained about a worm that she found in one ear. No no no, not her ear, but in one of the ears of corn(stop snickering). We decide she should pick the popcorn early and let it dry out in a basket. Problem solved.

Last night, after we arrived at the hospital to take care of baby Jack. She asks, "Did you pop your popcorn?" I said, " yes" and explained my results. She says, "I tried to pop my popcorn and it caught on fire. Did you put your popcorn in a paper bag in the microwave?"

Sorry Sister, the smell must have been lovely.