Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hey I'm Back

Looks like my last post actually showed up on Blotanical. That's nice. I was feeling all lonely without all the other blogs that went missing with me. Glad things look like they are working again.

The wedding was beautiful. Now might be a good time to explain my best friend AKA the mother of the bride. We have known each other since junior high school. She had her family early, I had mine late, then she had a late child followed by a couple of grandchildren. She is a really young grandmother. She is Meme to my boys, and I am Aunt Debbi to her crew and grand crew. She is the kind of woman that believes she can do everything.

For this wedding, she made all of the food, all of the decorations, and finally cried "uncle" when she started to try to make the cake. I think her MIL finally talked some sense into her and they hired a baker. Just before the wedding, we finally had to force her to stop messing with food and stuff and go get dressed. Soon after that, she got a good look at her beautiful daughter, and she didn't see anything else for the rest of the night.

Kristann, the bride, wore her mother's gown. The ceremony was held under a gazebo. The weather was beautiful and the flowers were lovely. The bride's maids (sisters, one an identical twin of the bride) were perfect. The reception started just at dusk. There were candles and twinkle lights on a deck outside. The father of the bride was embarrassed during the father/daughter dance. The DJ saved him by fading out the song early and starting the next song.

Everything went beautifully. There was not a single wedding disaster. Now our girl is married and on her way.

Oh yeah, there was a groom and he looked really good and did exactly what he was told to do. Good job T.