Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stir Crazy

I may have mentioned that we hovered around freezing all day yesterday. It also rained. While it did warm up today, it was still to cold and wet to go outside. The cats, the Monkeys, the dog and I all were in the house all afternoon. We were together, really really close together.

Teenage Monkey hit Baby Monkey in the head with the Wii remote while playing some game. I had not realized how long his arms have grown. The game has warnings about making sure you are not to close to other people when playing. I guess the boys didn't think it applied to them.

The cats got in a huge fight. Apparently, the calico (Trixie) did something really really bad and her mother (Tisha) had to school her. There was lots of running up and down the hall, jumping over the kitchen table, and yowling. I think Trixie is under my bed now. I hope she stays there.

I found Middle Monkey hanging from a piece of exercise equipment which was folded up and put away in my office. He must really need exercise to have found something to swing from inside the house. At least he didn't climb the walls.

Then there is the dog. Abby is a German shepherd. Like many working breed dogs, she must have a job to do at all times. When we brought her home, she decided "I" was her job. This means that unless she is in her kennel or in the backyard behind the gate, she is walking two steps in front of me to make sure nothing gets me. Never mind that she has no idea where I am going next. This causes tripping and yelling. Why does this dog think in front of me is better than behind me or beside me? We had a wonderful time today. She was busy checking every corner for bad guys and I was falling over her when she did not know where to go next. I twisted my ankle. It hurts. This dog takes her "job" way to seriously, either that or she has OCD.

We have to many mammals housebound right now. We can't seem to stay out of each others way. It better warm up and dry out a little tomorrow or I may have a fit and fall in it.

I have to go now, a naked boy just streaked past and I must go handle my progeny.

Help me, somebody please help me.