Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter is here

When we got up this morning it was comfortable. Two hours later is was cold. Now at 8:30 at night it is really really cold and windy.

The boys helped me move the rest of the outside plants to the greenhouse. Nancy was out there just as busy as could be. She seems happy to have it there. Now that it is cold, it will stay pretty cool in the greenhouse and I can start cool weather plants in there to transplant into the garden. I am going to put some worms in a container and take them into the greenhouse.

There were a few holes in the plastic so I had Kurt climb up on a bench and tape them up. He couldn't reach the highest of the hole, so he held on to the center roof pipe with one hand and taped with the other. He looked just like a monkey. I will take a picture the next time he is with me and post it.