Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cold Weather Gardening

My winter garden is doing okay.  Tried Brussels sprouts for the first time.  They look pitiful  The broccoli is okay, but the cabbage is not doing too well.  Gave everyone some fertilizer this afternoon and hopefully they will buck up.

The volunteer plants are doing fine fine fine.  I have lots of cilantro, endive and lettuces.  The elephant garlic is about 18 inches tall and ready for me to eat some.  I was really worried about the garlic because the bulbs stay in the ground dormant all summer.  Because of the drought, I couldn't water properly this year.  I was afraid they had completely dried out and died, but they are just fine.

I'm going to make an effort to be more of a presence here.  I got so discouraged when Manly was sick that everything just seemed too hard. Then the horrible heat and drought of last summer sucked the life out of gardening here in Texas.  I'm still dealing with a little apathy towards things I generally love.  This too shall pass.  The Monkeys are healthy, I am losing weight and Manly's blood clot has finally cleared.  Count blessings.