Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Garden Art Cute or Tacky?

Mr. Subjunctive over at Plants are the Strangest People posted a picture of the funniest piece of yard art I have seen in a long time.
This inspired me to share some of my silliness.
Above is Senor Werm with a Skipper butterfly on his nose. I have been tempted to paint him some obnoxious color, but the voices of reason (y'all) have always talked me down.

Here are a few fishnet floats that did not fit in the half whiskey barrel water garden.

These were gifts. Most gardeners get these type of gifts. I wish the little birds would sit up right. They look like they have keeled over dead.

My only gazing ball. I love it on top of the milk can. I have threatened to paint the milk can too. So far it remains in it's rusty state.
Garden art, cute or tacky?
If you have some garden art to share, leave me a message, and I will link you up.
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